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Knowing yourself is the beginning of all wisdom.”


Educating the mind without educating the heart is no education at all.






Ethics play a fundamental role in teaching. People are responsible for their decisions and actions and ethics teach us what is right and what is wrong. In the process of learning and acquiring information people should become better humans. That’s why teaching ethics should go together with general education so students could learn values to become trustful, responsible and just. They should be taught ethics to respect others with their diversity and to respect rules to become better citizens and to build a better society.

This Project was created as a continuation of “Stay Human” Project to deal with Moral Dilemmas and strengthen humanitarian international collaboration in English, Italian and French.


The aim of this project is to:

communicate in English, Italian and French exchanging experience, discussing values and attitudes

– promote tolerant and open-minded attitude towards people and ideas

– pass on ethical values on students and stress its importance

– prepare students for future work (ethics are highly valued among employers)

– provide students with moral development

– help forming an ethically mature human being – a better human

– expose student to critical thinking by presenting different viewpoints (to help identify right and


– encourage students to reflect on dilemmas in order to become more aware and assertive in the

future when they face a real life situations after practicing debates on fictional situations

– encourage students to determine what is right or wrong ( decide which decision is the least

harmful or most beneficial) – decision making

– help them become more self-dependant individuals – teach them think independently

– help them develop social skills


Participants will be involved in planning, preparation, organization, implementation, presenting the final result and evaluation. They will contact each other every week. Founders and Partners will be in touch everyday 🙂

The Project will last till June & will include:

– setting up Pages and Project Journal on Twinspace,

– voting for the Logo of the project,

– finding inspiration to discuss Moral Dilemmas in songs, books & films

– studying philosophy, doing research on Ethics & establishing definition of Ethical Dilemmas

– Interpreting philosophical quotations

– defining “wright/wrong”

– starting common Padlets to share the outcomes

– maintaining Twinspace (Project Pages, Materials, Forum)

– preparing & sharing Videos & audio

– exchanging thoughts & ideas in collaborative writing

– students’ corresponding

– students’ Live meeting to do the brainstorm

– exchanging Seasonal Greetings

– Founders’ & Partners’ Live meetings

– mid-term & final evaluation & self-assessment


Expected Results:

strengthening teachers – students relationship

– improving verbal and written communication

– strengthening students’ self-confidence through collaboration first within a class and then sharing with the European Partners

– broadening knowledge on philosophy and Ethics

– learning to respect decisions taken by other people

– forming and strengthening relationship between teachers from other European countries through sharing with knowledge and experience gained

– learning from each other

– improving teachers’ Foreign Language and ICT skills

– comparing and implementing practices and values in our schools

– taking part in building up a European Community


– Twispace (Pages, Journal, Forum, Materials)

– Videos, Padlets, Collaborative Writings

– Logo of the project

– PPTX presentations – photos

– Live Meetings

– Surveys, Kahoots, Quizizz, Google Documents



“Conoscere te stesso è l’inizio di tutta la saggezza.” Aristotele “Educare la mente senza educare il cuore non è affatto educazione”. L’etica di Aristotele gioca un ruolo fondamentale nell’insegnamento. Le persone sono responsabili delle loro decisioni e azioni ed etica ci insegnano cosa è giusto e cosa è sbagliato. Nel processo di apprendimento e acquisizione di informazioni le persone dovrebbero diventare esseri umani migliori. Ecco perché l’insegnamento dell’etica dovrebbe accompagnare l’educazione generale in modo che gli studenti possano imparare i valori per diventare fiduciosi, responsabili e giusti. Dovrebbero essere insegnati all’etica per rispettare gli altri con la loro diversità e rispettare le regole per diventare cittadini migliori e costruire una società migliore. Questo progetto è stato creato come continuazione del progetto “Stay Human” per affrontare i dilemmi morali e rafforzare la collaborazione internazionale umanitaria.


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Stay Human!

European  eTwinning project

 Together we are stronger, our voices louder,

and the synergy of our actions more powerful.

(Pierce Brosnan)

About the project / Il progetto

The aim of this project is to open the students mind to the huge problem of human rights as well as to the new international migratory flows in today’s society, in order to make them aware of the different life scenarios and to raise their emotional and social growth.

Scopo del progetto è quello di aprire la mente dei nostri studenti al grande problema dei diritti umani e nel contempo ai nuovi flussi migratori internazionali della nostra società al fine di renderli consapevoli dei diversi scenari di vita favorendo la loro crescita emotiva e sociale.

Aims /Obiettivi

  • to get the students talking about their own experiences
  • to discuss about the international migratory flows in their countries
  • to know the basic principles of our Constitution and make comparisons with those of other countries
  • to know the main International Human Rights Laws that protect human beings
  • to reflect and make comments on various texts (poems,books,songs ) to depict the author message
  • to present the points of views of those who live in areas interested by migratory flows
  • to work together on creative activities
  • stimolare gli studenti a parlare delle loro esperienze
  • discutere dei flussi migratori internazionali all’interno del proprio paese
  • conoscere i punti fondamentali della propria Costituzione e fare paragoni con quelle di altri paesi
  • conoscere i punti fondamentali delle principali leggi internazionali sui diritti umani che proteggono il genere umano
  • riflettere e commentari vari tipi di testi come poesie, libri, canzoni decifrando il messaggio dell’autore
  • illustrare il punto di vista di coloro che vivono in zone interessate dai flussi migratori
  • lavorare insieme ad attività creative

Goals /Finalità

  • The students will have the opportunity to stop, reflect, analyze and compare their concept of humanity
  • They will improve their listening, reading, speaking and writing skills
  • The students will have a chance to share their culture and their traditions. By communicating and learning peer-to-peer in a natural way, they will build up their self-esteem and social skills
  • The comparison of different lifestyles will open their minds and hearts to other people’s needs
  • It will help them to understand the complexity of economic development around the world
  • It will help them to overcome stereotypes and intolerance about immigrants
  • Doing researches, finding out information will enable the students to focus on their own heritage and will raise the awareness of their own roots in their region.
  • riflettere, analizzare e confrontare il concetto di umanità
  • Migliorare le abilità di comprensione e produzione scritta e orale
  • Condividere cultura e tradizione. La comunicazione e l’apprendimento naturale tra pari favorirà la crescita emotiva e sociale migliorando l’autostima
  • Accettare e comprendere i bisogni degli altri superando gli stereotipi e l’intolleranza verso gli immigrati
  • riflettere e comprendere la complessità dello sviluppo economico nelle diverse aree del mondo
  • Le ricerche e le informazioni raccolte aiuteranno i ragazzi a concentrarsi sul proprio patrimonio culturale accrescendo la consapevolezza delle proprie radici

Work process /Metodologia

Students will work in mixed nationality groups to share their own and closest relatives experiences of migrations ( learner centred approach)

They will create subtasks following their interests so that the project will be more engaging and they will feel part of it (project based learning )

They will work in groups with different levels of disciplinary and digital competence

Gli studenti lavoreranno in gruppi di nazionalità diversa per condividere le esperienze di migrazione dei loro familiari (apprendimento basato sulla centralità dell’alunno)

Stabiliranno dei sotto-compiti basati sui loro interessi in modo tale che il progetto risulti più accattivante facendoli sentire parte attiva (apprendimento cooperativo)

I gruppi coinvolgeranno alunni con livelli di competenze disciplinari e digitali diversi

Expected results/ Risultati attesi

  • Understanding the concept of humanity; Sharing reflections about human rights
  • Understanding the importance of global and responsible citizenship improving the respect towards minorities and other nationalities
  • Understanding the importance of human rights for children and people in general. To overcome stereotypes and build a civic sense
  • Improvement in relationships and sense of belonging
  • Growth of self-confidence: to be able to express personal feelings and thoughts
  • Improving language and communication skills
  • Comprensione del concetto di umanità; Condivisione di riflessioni sui diritti umani
  • Comprensione dell’importanza della cittadinanza globale responsabile rafforzando il rispetto verso le minoranze e altre nazionalità
  • Comprensione dell’importanza dei diritti umani per i bambini ed il genere umano. Superamento di stereotipi e crescita del senso civico
  • Miglioramento delle relazioni sociali e del senso di appartenenza
  • Crescita dell’autostima: essere in grado di esprimere sentimenti e pensieri personali
  • Miglioramento delle abilità comunicative


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Différences et ressemblances dans la vie scolaire entre nos pays

European  eTwinning project a.s. 2018-19

Dans ce projet nous voulons montrer les différences et les ressemblances de la vie scolaire entre nos pays.Travailler en coopération avec d’autres en apportant ses idées, ses suggestions et son propre effort
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